(by Lawrence Auster, at View From the Right, December 2006)

I subscribe to the now tiny but, I believe, some-day-to-be prevalent Separationist School of Western-Islamic Relations. We separationists affirm the following:

  • Islam is a mortal threat to our civilization
  • But we cannot destroy Islam
  • Nor can we democratize Islam
  • Nor can we assimilate Islam
Therefore the only way to make ourselves safe from Islam is to separate ourselves from Islam. Other writers who might be called separationists include Serge Trifkovic, Diana West, Randall Parker, the Norwegian blogger Fjordman, and Hugh Fitzgerald ...

It must be remembered that Separationism is shorthand for a strategy that includes Rolling Back, Isolating, Containing, and (from its margins) Policing the Muslim world. Furthermore, this policy must be permanent. As long as Islam exists, radical Islam or jihadism will always exist, in an active or potential state. More ...