It's life, but certainly not as we want it

Dr Clive Hamilton (December 2006, Sydney Morning Herald)

Plans to squeeze a further 1.1 million people into Sydney over the next 25 years will transform it into the nation's least liveable city ... Sydney must stop growing sooner or later.

... in the end Sydney's expansion is decided in Canberra because overseas migration drives population growth ... Rarely in our history has a federal government pursued such a high level of immigration as the Howard Government ... The Government plans to increase the numbers ... The fact that John Howard, who has gained re-election by exploiting Hansonite xenophobia, has presided over a record inflow of foreigners is an irony little remarked, not least because the Government tries to keep the figures quiet.

The immigration program is a response to pressure from big business, which demands a steady flow of labour and dreams of a market of 50 million people ... The business lobby and the Government will not admit it, but a high level of immigration is of no economic benefit ... Unlike natural population growth, the immigration tap can be eased back tomorrow. Doing so is the only way to protect the quality of life in Sydney.

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