Anti-dhimmitude in New Zealand

(from Pedestrian Infidel, March 2007)

A conference of Christian church leaders on the "threat" of Islam to New Zealand is being condemned as a "conference of bigots" by senior New Zealand Muslims.

... the conference would address the threat posed by Islam to New Zealand society – a threat he likened to the terrorist attacks in the United States of September 11, 2001.

"It's an underlying threat, but it's like the twin towers – they imploded. Islam
does the same thing to a society – it makes it implode," he said.

"The mindset of Islam is to take over the world. They will do that by any means they can. The church in England ignored Islam. If the church in New Zealand doesn't rise up, we will be in the same situation."

... "Muslims don't have the freedom to change religion. If you do, they'll do their best to eradicate you," Dillner said.

A fellow organiser, Open Doors New Zealand director Bruce Quedley, said Islam was often portrayed as a religion of peace, but "realistically that's not what happens".

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