In a Generation, Minorities May Be the U.S. Majority

August 13, 2008, NY Times:

Ethnic and racial minorities will comprise a majority of the nation’s population in a little more than a generation, according to new Census Bureau projections, a transformation that is occurring faster than anticipated just a few years ago.

The census calculates that by 2042, Americans who identify themselves as Hispanic, black, Asian, American Indian, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander will together outnumber non-Hispanic whites. Four years ago, officials had projected the shift would come in 2050.

The main reason for the accelerating change is significantly higher birthrates among immigrants. Another factor is the influx of foreigners, rising from about 1.3 million annually today to more than 2 million a year by midcentury, according to projections based on current immigration policies.

“No other country has experienced such rapid racial and ethnic change,” said Mark Mather, a demographer with the Population Reference Bureau, a research organization in Washington ...
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Anonymous said...

I would say Britain's change has been the most alarming.
From around 55 million to now 80 million on such a small island.
Official stats admit to 61 million but most know this to be a lie.
Unofficial figures gained from food producers,supermarkets etc all agree the population is in between 77 to 81 million.
One immigrant every minute mainly from outside the EU.
Approx a million babies each year mainly to mothers of colour.
Today a leaked e-mail warns of a rise in violent crimes due to the recession just at the time when we no longer have a police FORCE!
A disarmed population akin to sitting ducks in a gallery.
This weekend London 14 year old boy stabbed to death his sister stabbed but survived 25 teens now dead.
30 year old lady stabbed to death..killer unknown.
A young father killed, two muslims arrested.
That's not counting killings in Yorkshire Halifax or in Scotland.
The war is on, again unofficial!
12 million OAPs in England, long before a generation is past the uk will have a majority non white population but no politician will dare to admit to this.
The creeping crawling and bowing to what they term minorities is laughable.
Governments don't bow to minorities that would cost too many votes.
American UK and European politicians should be hung for treason!

Anonymous said...

"No other country has experienced such rapid racial and ethnic change"

That's not entirely correct. Australia, New Zealand, and Canada are all changing faster than the United States.

The United States will probably still be the first among the former British settler societies to turn its historic white population into a minority, but only because it's got a head start on the others.