Enlightened spirit of inquiry?

August 06, 2008, Janet Albrechtsen:

Hirsi Ali ... lives with death threats because she has chosen to debate Islam. Sweet-sounding words such as multiculturalism and tolerance are used to repress open debate. She has no problem with people who worship the prophet Mohammed. "But I want to be able to say that Mohammed had some reprehensible qualities without being thrown in jail, without being demonised," she says. This must be allowed in a society committed to Enlightenment values of inquiry and reason because people progress by using reason to challenge ideas.
Any journalist gonna follow this up? There's a scoop there. Front page headlines galore: "Reprehensible Mohammed" will sell papers. You could start with Robert Spencer (and here), Serge Trifkovic, Paul Stenhouse, Andrew Bostom, etc. It'll be a funky adventure. Mohammed the Mini-Series, start collecting today. We can't follow the Minette Marrins down the road that abandons all discussion of religion.

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