Videos: Raymond Ibrahim on Al Qaeda

Hannity's America Interview:

Talk by Raymond Ibrahim:

"When you look at these documents ... they make up 200 pages of the book ... 50 pages of those 200 are the actual writings of Osama Bin Laden ... the other 150 are just pure quotations from the Koran, not pulled out of context, quotations from the Hadith and quotations from the most revered Islamic scholars throughout the ages. And that's why I think that makes this book doubly important, because it's not just Al Qaeda's world view, it's really a world view that's very well grounded in Islam ... so when people tell you Al Qaeda's hijacking Islam ... not really because if you read it here they go to great pains to actually justify their actions through the medium of Islamic jurisprudence ... so everything they say here is legitimate.

... A radical Muslim is someone who is taking his religion seriously, he's a real Muslim. A moderate Muslim, well they're mediocre Muslims ..."

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