Britain's knife crime 'huge lesson for Australia'

Britain’s social discord is thin end of the knife
19th June 2008, Paul Murray
the West Australian:

I was sitting in an English country pub last week surveying the Sunday crowd and came to the conclusion that no one around me was packing a knife. The cause of my concern was two weeks of wall-to-wall media coverage on so-called knife crimes in Britain.

The newspapers, television bulletins and the endless radio chat shows reacted violently to a new spate of knife attacks which came on top of 17 stabbing murders of young people in Britain — mainly in London — in the past six months.

That alarming statistic and the heavy racial element embedded in it has caused a serious outbreak of soul-searching ...

... characterised by the tides of black and Asian immigrants and refugees which has left several generations of younger Britons who have no culture — new or old — and struggle to find their place.

This has led to the formation over the past decade of a wave of new racially based street gangs that has, in large part, been responsible for many young people arming themselves, particularly with knives.

There is a huge lesson for Australia in these gangs. Tolerant authorities, committed to multiculturalism, sat back and watched disaffected youths, many from war-torn backgrounds, gravitate to the gangs ...

We are seeing the development of similar gangs in Perth and if we don’t nip them in the bud, we are likely to face the same crisis that is now causing so much heartache in Britain’s cities.

A leaked Metropolitan Police report that surfaced last year said there were 169 gangs in London alone ...

The BBC reported that African-Caribbean gangs were the biggest group, followed by south Asian and white gangs. Religion was also a defining factor, with some gangs comprising solely Muslim or Catholic members, for example ...

Just a week before, Michael Nazir-Ali, the Church’s most senior Asian clergyman, said the decline of Christian values was destroying Britishness and had created a moral vacuum which radical Islam was filling ...

Australia still lags some way behind the social decline evident in British cities. But we would be reckless not to have a close look at what is happening there and learn from it.

However, our Labor governments are still pilfering Britain for the very social policies that are clearly failing.
Well that's a lot more honest reporting than we are used to, so Paul Murray is to be applauded for that. But he is still dreaming if he thinks tinkering with social policy will fix it. Diversity is the problem. All the "soul-searching" and "close looking" is delaying the inevitable. Stopping immigration from incompatible sources is the first step in reigning in the problem.


Anonymous said...

Number 17- Teen killed in London.

Since When Do the British Have a Knife Culture?
From the desk of The Brussels Journal on Mon, 2008-06-30 12:48
A quote from The Daily Mail, 30 June 2008

A teenager was stabbed to death as he desperately phoned a friend for help. Ben Kinsella, […], was the latest victim of Britain's sickening knife culture. Two 16-year-olds were arrested and have now been released on bail.

The 16-year-old was out with friends celebrating the end of his GCSEs when a row broke out with youths in a pub near his family's £2million home in Islington, North London. As the 2am argument spilled outside into a brawl involving up to 50 teenagers, Ben fled up the road chased by a gang of black youths. David Dugdale, the friend he called, said: 'He was running and he rang me and just said, "Help me, help me", then the phone went dead, and that was it.

A quote from Larry Auster at his blog, 30 June 2008

That 16 year olds were in a pub at 2 a.m. is treated by the Mail as normal and unexceptionable, and I guess in today's Britain it is. This reflects the underlying reality that along with the laxity toward blacks that has helped unleash black racial savagery in Britain, the British whites themselves (or, rather, simply the British) have a laxity, an Eloi-like unconsciousness and carelessness, that opens them to that savagery.

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The British government is in need of an Abacus.
From 06/07/08

The latest statistics from hospitals in England alone highlight an 88 per cent jump in the number of children suffering stab wounds – from 95 in 2002-03 to 179 in 2006-07. And among 16- to 18-year-olds, there has been a 75 per cent rise from 429 to 752.

New figures provided to the IoS under the Freedom of Information Act highlight how the number of people being prosecuted by magistrates for possessing knives has rocketed up from the 4,489 in 1997, the year Labour came to power. By 2006, that figure had jumped to 7,699.

Most were not jailed, with just 14 per cent ending up in prison for little more than three months on average. Suspended sentences leapt from nine in 1997 to 552 in 2006.

The revelations undermine claims by the Home Secretary, Jacqui Smith, last week that knife crime “is not more serious than it has been previously”.

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Underestimated police figures not trusted anymore.

20,000 knife attacks a year More than 20,000 serious knife attacks took place last year, newly-compiled figures show. Jacqui Smith, the home secretary, is to announce plans this week to shock young knife offenders by making them visit casualty wards to see wounds, among other measures, while a Commons committee is to recommend a national curfew on young teenagers. (Sunday Telegraph, Sunday Times)
The Mole: Gordon gets tough on knives, at last