Video intermission - Amy Grant

My computer sound is fixed and I need to exorcise some negativity, so it's choc-top intermission time with Amy Grant. Warning: contains graphic Christian scenes. It's on another blog (I didn't want to embed it on this nasty blog) in two parts: part1 and part2. No, I am no longer a Christian, but I miss the music ...


darrinh said...

"No, I am no longer a Christian"

What happened?

Abandon Skip said...

It's 15 years ago so it will take some dredging of long forgotten memories to answer that. But basically I just started questioning everything in life and ended up with a scientific/reductionist view.

But revisiting Amy Grant's music on youtube has stirred something in me. I'm not likely to believe in God again, but I may seek to salvage something more out of Christianity rather completely reject everything spiritual.

I will probably write a post about it once I figure out where I stand. I'm guessing I will view Christianity as an historical (and possibly dying) part of white tradition - elements of which may need to be dragged forward by non-believers because they are an essential part of who we are.

Anonymous said...

Get yourself a copy of "Bones of Contention" by Marvin Lubenow. READ IT.
Mate, there is no need to put aside science to embrace faith or vice versa. You just need better information.