Video: Radical Islam Over Runs London Street

May, 2008. Holy Cow!! Britain is officially dead. Abu Izzadeen and his cohorts terrorize Londonistan and the dhimmified police back off, terrified by the sheer madness.

Izzalunatic: Voting in the upcomings elections is a act of kufr. Anybody who supports the kafir, be they Labour, Lib-Dem, Conservative ... he becomes a kafir like them ... fumunyahuminababble ... whoever aligns with the disbelievers, he is a kafir.

Remember George Bush, Tony Blair and aaaall those political parties, they are at war with Islam and Muslims ... sofeblablah ... and do not vote for any kafir. Let Tony Blair go to 'ell ... fahasjahuminawhatever ... the hell fire. Muslim votes for nobody ... ooo la la babbleablabber ... We have our own sharia ...

Bobby: Stop please

Izzalunatic: We have our own way of life. We do not follow nobody apart from the message of Muhammad. Sa la la lollypop, lollypop oo la la lollypop.

Bobby: Can you listen to me for two seconds? Guys, this march is causing havoc ... Listen, wait please sir, I've asked you nicely. Pull over to the side over there.

Mob: Allahu akbar

Bobby: Please, hold on, don't say any more ... I'm asking you please, nicely. No, no, no, you can, listen ... I need to talk to you before you do

Izzalunatic: The police have asked us to speak to them, but I'm going to continue on the mic'. Let the kafirs go to hell. Wewalahumina-chicken-kebab-with-humus.

Bobby: stop, stop, stop, ...

Somebody: get out, get out, get out ...

Mob: you wanna hit Muslims? You want to hit Muslim? ... pigs ... How dare you ... allahu akbar ... rabble rabble ...
RIP, Britain. Wake up, Australia.

Via: Winds of Jihad

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