Seyit gives turkey-slap to secularists

Sydney Morning Herald, July 2007

Here is a fine example of that "different breed" of Muslim, the Aussie-Turk. Kuranda Seyit gleefully rubs his hands together as he waves goodbye to secular Turkey:

"Last Sunday's election signifies a new era in Turkish politics. An Islamist party has been given a mandate to bring the country into the 21st century with zeal. How will Turkey's secularists take this slap in the face? Has democracy dealt a cruel blow to those who have used it in an attempt to diminish the influence of Islam in Turkey?"
Oui! Dr Liza Hopkins, where is that "fierce historic commitment to national secularism"? He said "into the 21st century with zeal" - he's giving "backwards" secularists the finger! OK, maybe I misinterpreted, let's read on ...
"Mustafa Kemal Ataturk modernised Turkey in the early 20th century and in doing so embedded a republican system that was espoused by his followers as perfect and unchangeable. However, life is impermanent and change is inevitable."
Whoa there! What's going on Liza? "Life is impermanent and change is inevitable". He's giving the finger again to "historic commitment". Where did that come from?
"The secular Kemalists are holding on to a memory and in their short-sightedness are unwilling to accept the demands of modernity."
Help! Liza! I don't understand?? Seyit is pissing on your words.
"This election must mark the change that is necessary to make the Turkish political system tenable in this century and competitive with those of the robust democracies of Europe."
Liza, make him stop! He's gonna say those four words, I know it: "global community of believers". Don't say it, Seyit!
"We are witnessing the global phenomenon of an Islamic resurgence."
YOU TOLD ME HE WOULDN'T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You said:
"It has been argued that one of the longest-standing Muslim self-definitions is through belonging to a global community of believers. But for members of Australia’s Turkish community ... whose Muslim identity is subordinate to national, cultural and ethnic affiliations - networks of family and friends based around shared language, history, culture and descent override the importance of religion that is attributed to them by outsiders ..."
(sniff) I trusted you Liza. Dis-a-ppointed!
"The West and other nations must realise that it is better to work with such a change than against it."
Make him stop! He's gonna sell out Australia just like Turkey.

But wait, there's more ... here is Seyit's "subordinate" view of Christmas:
"it's time for Australia to fall in line with the UK, where councils have renamed Christmas as 'Winterval' . Australia is now so diverse with so many cultures, we need to acknowledge the need to be inclusive of our identity.''
Oh Liza, how could you? The media stereotype was right after all: he wants Islam to take over the world.

Kuranda Seyit is a Turkish-Australian who is executive director of the Forum on Australia's Islamic Relations.

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