Radical groups allowed to fester in Uni's

The Australian, August 2007

UNIVERSITIES must resist politicised Muslim groups seeking special treatment on campus, a commentator has warned.

Tanveer Ahmed, a psychiatric registrar and a graduate of the University of Sydney, said it was now clear that British universities had inadvertently lent support to the growth of home-grown radicalism by giving in to this kind of campus pressure.

"(These groups) are very assertive, very quick to cry racism, they've taken advantage of the impression among some academics that they're a marginalised, victimised minority,'' Dr Ahmed said.

On Monday he will address the first national conference on Muslim university students, being held at the University of Western Sydney ...

Dr Ahmed said another pattern was for these Mulsim groups and leftists to ally themselves.

"I remember going to a protest (in Sydney during the recent Hezbollah-Israel conflict in Lebanon) and seeing environmental groups going Allah Akhbar (God is great) in harmony with some Lebanese groups,'' Dr Ahmend said ...

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Colonel Robert Neville said...
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Colonel Robert Neville said...

Dear Abandon Skip:

Thanks for the Tanveer Ahmed post. Yep, I remember going to a Generic March in the 1980's when I still had acne and even in my innocence I could see that there was no sense of Quality Control at all.

It was and is a mostly a mindless mass movement seemingly entirely manufactured and manipulated by Socialist, Leftist, Communist and Radical front groups. Anyone could and can join as long as they swallow the entire package without question, are 'against it' whatever it is, or 'for it' whatever it ain't.

Everyone just has to follow the herd, wear the fancy dress, chant the empty drivel of slogans, mouth the meaningless platitudes and repeat ad nauseum at every encounter, the 'by the numbers' stupid and inhuman political rhetoric.

It seemed to me as it does today, that they would have accepted the local branch of the 'Rapists and Child Molesters Against US Imperialism and the War, any War'.

Today the Left Liberal Radical Axis of Mediocrity accepts the 'Islamist Child Killers Against Capitalist Democracy, Human Rights, Secular States and Freedom', all with a comfortable, wilfully deluded and affluent ease.

All the best from colonelrobertneville.blogspot.com