Kevin Andrews on Terrorism Critics

Sydney Morning Herald, Aug 2007

As a battered Andrews said this week:

"You know, sometimes when I listen to the critics I wonder whether people want a bomb to go off in Sydney before they'll actually do something."
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Daily Telegraph, Aug 2007

Not unreasonably, Andrews decided to cancel Haneef's work visa and he has said he would not issue another.
"I genuinely believe this bloke has got real suspicions about him and his activities and his associations," he said yesterday. "I'm going to protect Australia and Australians first. So far as I'm concerned, his visa is cancelled and that's that."
Under the Act, the Minister has that discretion and in this matter he has acted both legally and correctly.

It's called leadership. It's in short supply in the ALP and obviously an alien concept to Haneef's supporters who gathered at Griffith University.

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