Abandon Skip

What does “abandon skip” mean?

It means a few things that describe what this blog is about:

  • Our leaders have abandoned Australia to the forces of immigration, multiculturalism, and globalisation.
  • We have turned our backs and run away from these problems, instead of facing them.
  • If we are not careful, Australia may become so foreign that future generations will reach the “abandon ship” stage, and want to leave.
  • Other Western countries are being described as galloping into cultural surrender. Australia is likewise hopping into cultural surrender.

If Australia was a ship, it would be sinking. This website says 'enough' of submitting to the seemingly unstoppable forces. It is time to put the spotlight on these dangerous policies. Otherwise, the problems will be passed onto our children. We want to stop the “abandon skip” mentality. No more running from these problems.

Last call for drinks, Australia

In a pub, a last call is usually announced 10-15 minutes before the bar closes for the night, urging the customers to buy one more drink while they still can.

If Australia was a pub, it would be near closing time.

We are at a defining point in our history. Our nation is being flooded by immigration, divided by multiculturalism, and surrendered to globalisation. Australia, as you know it, will soon cease to exist - it’s future identity unknown and a cause for concern.

Hotel Australia is near closing time, and tomorrow it will be sold to new owners. What plans the new owners have for the pub is anyone’s guess. But judging by other nations that are further down the path of change, you won’t like it. The question is whether we all sit around and order one last round of drinks, or we rally and try to save what’s left of the pub.

Across the globe, people are waking up to the problem. Australia has the advantage of learning from other countries who are further down the path of change.

There won't be much of my own thoughts on this website. Rather, this blog will seek to highlight important information from the growing list of websites and news articles that are documenting the “Death of the West”.

Note - for international readers, the term Skip refers to an Australian of Anglo-Celtic descent, more or less.

Isn't "abandon skip" a negative and defeatist title?

Maybe, but the target audience of this blog are Australians that don't seem to recognise the problem. You have to point out the problem before people see the need for a solution. Inch by inch, day by day, we see evidence of the surrender of Australia to foreign interests. I want to highlight this process so folks can feel the loss. Only then will they be moved into action.

What hit me between the eyes were the words "the Death of the West". That's a negative statement, but that's what it took to wake me up.

Am I a Christian or a racist hate-monger?

No, neither. I once was a Christian, but I am now a happy atheist/agnostic - although I do retain most Christian values. I don't hate any race or religion, and I respect the beauty of each within its own kind. However, I believe that diversity has its limits and, in recent times, peoples' tolerance has been stretched beyond breaking point. I don't believe that all races and cultures are compatible and can comfortably co-exist.

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Please Note: whilst this blog deals at times with the issue of race, Robert Spencer and Hugh Fitzgerald of Jihad Watch (whom I frequently quote) hold the view that the anti-jihad resistance is not about race.


Anonymous said...

Amazing. In 2003 I decided to abandon Australia. It got all too hard. House prices were out of control due to the immigration of white collar workers (english, chinese etc) who then kept wages down and the cost of everything up. Rather than keep immigration controlled, the govt along with bis business decided to swamp the place. Now the clowns realise there never was enough water. I think the straw that broke my back was the comment in Sydney at a HR firm "aah we have all these excellent English and Irish candidates who have worked at Lazards". But when I lived in the UK as an Aussie on a 2 year visa I couldn't get the good experience at Lazards! Australia is definitely not the same country that it was in the 70s and early 80s. There is no community there anymore.

Anonymous said...

There is much the same thing happening here in the states. However, while I have the means to live anywhere I choose, I say fuck them. This is my country and I will fight the leftist forces that want to make America another socialist, PC wasteland.

We face the massive illegal immigration, mostly from Mexico, who come here and use my country like a toilet and also the slow, dripdrip death of liberal acceptance of Islamism.

I say if your GD country is so effing great, than WTF are you doing here? And if you're here, why in god's name are you trying to make my country like your shithole?

Abandon Skip said...

G'day to the USA. Yeah it looks like most Western nations are in varying stages on the same disease: a flood of diversity and appeasement. It's a huge battle to turn around the public opinion though. I saw this article yesterday:

"On the far fringes of the pro-immigration movement, some Hispanic activists openly yearn for the day when immigrants rise up and retake the American Southwest, more than 150 years after the U.S. annexed it.

Mainstream immigration advocacy groups — as well as academics and experts on nearly all sides of the illegal immigration issue — dismiss these "reconquista" notions as rhetorical, not to be taken seriously.

Jim Boyd, for example, ran a losing campaign for City Council in Nashville, Tenn., on the single idea of stopping an "invasion" of Mexicans who he said want to seize much of the Southwest and secede from the United States.

Boyd got only 2 percent of the vote last month. That translates to more than 8,000 people." source

Campaigners on immigration are still on the fringes - same here in Australia. It's up to us to make some noise on these issues and rally support. Until then, the masses seem content to throw away their countries.

Dataminer said...

Good Day
I stumbled upon your blog because I have a Google alert with some keywords including Turkish.I totaly understand your point of view.My sister is is married to an American and, lately we held a conversation.Because he works abroad he can see the changes in the society more clearly.All in all, he feels like a asshole,he and my sister has 1 grown up and one teenager child.The reason why he feels like this is, he says his generation was stupid enough not to make 5 children each there would be no such problem as floods of immigrants.(wake up ! same applies to you)To make things worst, most of those immigrants are a breeding lot.Either they have more kids than any regular American family or they have a good mind to do so.My sister husband is pretty much open minded but he is concerned, because in a two horse suburb of Chicago once there was nothing but now he can clearly see some mosques.
Enough said.Yet, this is not the whole picture.You have to see that same scenario is playing on national levels as well.I am a Turkish guy, spend some 15 years abroad.You may be at the stage of last call, we are here at the point of no return.I am from a relative big town and, what happened here is beyond my recognition.The town went from 500.000 to 3.500.000 in a decade.(As I was away)All from less developed parts of our country.In a certain degree a foreign government has a control over junk culture, here at the wast part of my country we lack this type of control.It is already taken over.Imagine things that taken as granted in your town(Nothing in particular freakish or excessive) and now some strange folk dictates there moral values.I already been kicked out some work places and housing in my own home town, because those guys seen me as a black ship.
I don't mean to play Cassandra or dooms prophet here, but the chances are great that these things are going to happen to you too.

Anonymous said...

we have noticed that Abandonskip is using News Limited copyright images on your blog apparently without permission. Please contact newspix.com.au to clarify who cleared the rights to these images or remove them immerdiately.thanks

Abandon Skip said...

Send me an email at blogskip@gmail.com so that I know this isn't a prank. Then I will remove any News Limited pictures.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on a great site, with great goals, will be reading with interest as l have cousins and friends in Oz, and agree it would be complete madness if Oz followed the UK down the road to the multicultural nightmare we are living in, here in Northern England; where many inner cities are no go areas already for indigenous Brits !
Good Luck.