Melbourne's street warfare on racial lines

November 02, 2008, Herald Sun:

POLICE have compiled a dossier on Melbourne's 40 warring street gangs - most organised along racial lines...

Police and youth workers said gang warfare was turning parts of Melbourne into no-go zones at night...

Officers said they were frustrated the emerging racial nature of gangs was being denied by government because of political concerns...

One police source said crime related to gangs was at crisis levels.

"The level of violence has become serious," he said.

"These people are going armed with deadly weapons. There are knives and baseball bats involved.

"And these gangs are now organised along racial lines - there are Polynesian gangs, Sudanese, Lebanese, Vietnamese and the rest." ...

Former Police Commissioner Bob Falconer said a new debate was needed on how to tackle rising violent crime linked to gangs...

Mr Falconer said there needed to be recognition of the racial nature of gangs.

"There has obviously been some sort of government edict to shut down debate about this. The police will not talk about it," he said.

"It is indisputable that ethnicity is coming into aspects of crime. Most of these gangs have openly ethnic names - and they are self-labelled...
The silence is because diversity only works under fascistic denial. It's because diversity itself is a core part of the problem, and the only solution is to ditch the dumb idea and go back to 'boring' ethnically homogenous communities. A new debate is exactly what we need: ask all public servants to pile up all material with the word 'diversity' in it, burn all the heretical teachings of the diversity ideologues, round up all the diversity advocates and parade them around town like the thieves of social capital that they are. Make them walk around town with the words 'nation wrecker' hung around their necks chanting "Enoch was right".


Powell's war-time experience told him diversity leads to violence.
Sing it folks... 2, 4, 6, 8
We don't want to integrate!


"Too often today people are ready to tell us: 'This is not possible, that is not possible.' I say: whatever the true interest of our country calls for is always possible. We have nothing to fear but our own doubts..."

In 1981, Powell's voice reverberated from the political wilderness with a dour warning of: 'the uncertainty of violence on a scale which can only adequately be described as civil war'.

A debate is long overdue, not doubt hastened by the bashing death of Richard Saunders in Brisbane. But the only solution I can see is one where immigration is recognised as colonisation and some form of separation is the solution. Something that sets limits on the process of colonisation so that each race/religion has their own space and something worth investing their time and energy into preserving. Be that a new federalism, land rights for each group, or whatever. Anything else is just damage control, "heaping up our own funeral pyre" and "mad, literally mad", ending in "the black man will have the whip hand over the white man".

Enoch was right.

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Anonymous said...

Of course Enoch was right.

But he was also white, so he was wrong.