Video: missionaries stabbed in Sydney, Oz media silent

14th October 2008, Video from Channel 2 Utah

Two American Mormons, Chris Collinsworth and David Ferguson, after spending the day in Auburn, were attacked by a group of Middle Eastern men (also described as Lebanese Muslim in one report) upon returning to their apartments. Collinsworth is a tall successful college basketballer, whom they targeted, and they succeeded in pinning him down and stabbing him. Ferguson tried to help and a passing car intervened. Both victims ended up in hospital. The location is only described as "little Lebanon".

Video from ABC 4

It appears that no Australia media or the NSW Police have reported this story, one week after it happened. Why not? This is a serious unprovoked assault, and they almost succeeded in subduing Collinsworth and who knows what they had planned for him. Less serious assaults than this are regularly reported, so why not this one? Is protecting the image of Middle Easterners/Muslims now the highest function of our Police and media? Is it too much for the public to hear about a crime by Middle Easterners/Muslims that has no apparent motive other than the hatred of whites/Christians/Americans? Please explain.

Video from

More videos at Montana News and Channel 2.

More on this story at NewSouthWails and TheMidnightSun.


Christopher Logan said...

Nice site, keep up the good work.

Abandon Skip said...

And good work yourself with your blog.

Anonymous said...

Yes, why indeed was this not reported in the Australian media.

AustralianInfidel said...

What a despicable act, i live just up the road from Auburn & heard nothing of this cowardly attack although it doesn't surprise me. Auburn is quickly turning into an islamic slum & these lowlives are hastening the decline.

Good work blogger

Anonymous said...

AS, thanks for the link. Your post has also been linked to in Australian Islammist Monitor. It looks like we bloggers will have to do the work that the censored Australian media will not.

Anonymous said...

It is a discrace how the media either completely ignores or downplays these kind of muslim on Christian / White attacks, the most galling thing is, that if the roles were reversed, and it was white or Christians attacking muslims it would be splashed across all the news headlines.This raises a real moral dilemma for anyone with any real moral convictions, if the Media, and l'm thinking of the BBC in particular here, have proven themselves by their actions, to be both anti white racist and anti Christian bigoted, should we really be supporting such organisations by paying the license fee. I'm not sure how it works in Oz, do you have to pay for a TV license ? If so you are also funding an anti white / Christian, racist & Bigoted organisation !

Anonymous said...

Aurora wrote that we bloggers will have to do the work that the censored Australian media will not.

Soon, we may not be able to access certain sites or YouTube videos if Kevin Rudd and his ministers have their way. The Federal Government is planning to block "illegal" content from the Internet in Australia, aswell as pornographic material inappropriate for children.

This is George Orwell's '1984'.


Abandon Skip said...

Aurora, I hope we hear from Fred Nile about this once he gets wind of it.

Pimpernel, yes the proposed net filter is a worry.

eloivsdiablo said...
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Anonymous said...

Pimpernel, typical of the KRuddster to slip in a speech censorship on the back of a porn censorship. He knows that most of his constituency will think that he's just trying to do the right thing by kids. So sly. Still playing the Howard mini-me card.
He calls himself a 'Christian' socialist...a little too much socialist with the so-called 'Christian' for my liking.
Orwell's got that right!! Big Brother has plans for us.

Anonymous said...

Abandon Skip, Fred Nile is fighting now harder than he ever has. They've got infiltrators in his party who are stabbing him in the back at every opportunity. For example, Gordon Moyes (also in the CDP) has apologized to the immigrant community for the actions of Fred Nile...unbelievable! All Fred wanted was to put the brakes on...slow things down a bit. I know insiders who say that if it weren't for Fred, N.S.W would be as bad off as Victoria and other states. He opposes all the garbage every time. They try to sneak in the bad stuff late at night and Fred sits there waiting and calls in supporters when he knows something is happening. We have a lot to thank this old fighter for.

Anonymous said...

This is only the beginning. I wonder if Religion of Peace has this post. Keep up the fight!

Anonymous said...

Auburn is known as 'Auburnon', not little Lebanon.. I know, I live there..

And AS, you're aboslutely right... Watching the news tonight, guess what the main story was? A woman who 'needed' (feel free to laugh) feet surgery to correct one of her toes..?!! Hmmmmm, it's sad if this is what the Australian media classifies as 'news'...

And how pathetic, I hear about this stabbing from a non-member friend of mine who is a regular blog reader of yours...

So annoyed at Australians right now.. So annoyed...

alex bowerman said...

Another depressingly familiar pack assault by muslim thugs against Christians, and the media remains silent as it does when it happens here in the US. Good on the passing motorist that stopped to assist. Who knows what may have happened to these 2 young victims.

Unknown said...

There is a first hand account of this story here, with pictures:

Though bandaged and bruised, Elder Ferguson (middle) and Elder Collinsworth (left) survived a knife attack. Photo courtesy of President and Sister Scruggs (10-18-'08)

In a letter distributed to the families of the missionaries of the Australia Sydney North mission President Scruggs recounts the events of Tuesday, October 14:

At about 8:45 PM, Elders Collinsworth (out about 6 months from Mapleton, UT; BYU basketball player, 6′9″, 220 lbs) and Elder Ferguson (out about 18 months from Great Falls, Montana; BYU major in Ancient Near Eastern Studies, 6′1″ — very slender), were walking on the sidewalk about 1/2 a block from their apartment. The area, Auburn, is our most urban. The missionaries refer to it as “all manner of ‘ese: Chinese, Sudanese, Lebanese, etc.” The Elders saw two Lebanese men, over six feet tall with mullets, walking towards them. As they approached, the Elders stepped off the sidewalk to let them pass. As soon as the men were in striking distance, they struck. Elder Collinsworth grabbed his attacker and threw him down into the street and held him to the ground. Elder Ferguson exchanged punches with his attacker with enough ferocity that the coward fled. By this time a third attacker jumped on Elder Collinsworth pulling his shirt over his head. He was knocked to the ground and kicked. He said the last thing he saw as he hit the street was Elder Ferguson running towards him. Elder Ferguson knocked the third attacker off of Elder Collinsworth. The second attacker who had run away earlier returned to join the attack.

At this time a passing Sudanese motorist stopped and honked his horn, flashed his lights and yelled. The three attackers ran away. The motorist got out and checked on the Elders — now both on the street — and then went to get a nearby policeman. At this point the Elders realized they had both been stabbed. Elder Collinsworth, once in the back; Elder Ferguson, thrice — in the thigh, the upper left arm, and the left wrist. Blood was especially pouring out of the wrist wound, so Elder Collinsworth took off his tie and bound the wound. An ambulance quickly arrived and transported them to Westmead which is a very good hospital.

President Scruggs provided a witness of tender mercies experienced throughout the ordeal, which continued as the missionaries were attended to at the hospital. Upon the elders’ recovery, an impromptu, spiritually uplifting meeting was held at ground zero (see pictures above and below). To parents of all the missionaries in his care, he provided warm assurance that every precaution is and will be taken to look after their safety. Some perspective was added that bicycle accidents occur much more frequently to missionaries than physical attacks, which set up this gem from Elder Collinsworth: “When you get home and tell people you got hurt in a bike wreck, they think you’re a dork; but when you tell them you got jumped and stabbed, we’ll get some respect.”

Elder Ferguson (via his mother) gave me some details not found local news coverage:

I have 9 stitches in my hand, and about as many in my leg. My leg has an ugly L shaped cut. I think I passed out for a second when my head hit the ground and that is when one of the men stabbed me in the leg and jerked the knife. When I came to, I kicked the man in the shin, jumped up to my feet, and then tackled the other guy. I imagine I wouldn’t have done that if I knew I had been stabbed.

What the papers don’t tell you about the fight is that I was confronting the guy with the knife before he ran off. He had a scared look on his face and in reflection, it seems he was just about as surprised to be in the fight as we were. The third guy, we believe, was not connected to them and just wanted to join the fight.
… At one point for about 20 seconds [Elder Collinsworth] was being kicked really hard in the face repeatedly by two of them. He had no bruises on his face, no cuts, his teeth weren’t damaged and his nose wasn’t hurt. The only damage he received to his face was when he was punched before he was on the ground.

Elder Collinsworth and I were doing exactly what we were supposed to do. We pushed back the exchange a day because my regular companion was sick. We made the exchange at the only available time for the family which I wanted to visit. After meeting with the family, we took the most direct route home walking quickly, and we would have arrived home exactly at the right time to finish the night.

Missionaries in the Australia Sydney North Mission at attack site. Photo courtesy President and Sister Scruggs (10-18-'08)

On Wednesday the story of the missionary attack was reported by Deseret News and other local media (for example KSL and the Daily Herald). The interest created by the sports angle ensured that media outlets throughout the nation picked the story up. As a former member of FAIR, Elder David Ferguson may very well be to our apologetic network and reader audience what Elder Chris Collinsworth is to the BYU basketball team and fans. The initial reaction of FAIR volunteers to the news was perhaps best typified by Don Neighbor’s admission that he was “utterly speechless,” which is significant coming from one never at a loss for words as he eviscerates anti-Mormon arguments. While what follows below is FAIR’s tribute to Elder Ferguson, we recognize he and Elder Collinsworth are but fine examples of missionaries everywhere who sacrifice their time, talents, and sometimes health and safety to further the Lord’s work.

Several of us from FAIR contacted Margaret Ferguson to express condolences and let her know her son was in our prayers. I asked her how she found out about the attack and if there was any discussion of him coming home. She responded: “He called us from the hospital with his Mission President a few hours after the attack. He said, ‘I was in a bit of a scrap and I am in the hospital but I am O.K.’ Of course I started to cry and he told me to STOP crying. Now this sobered me up because I knew that he must not only be O.K. but back to his usual ‘not a big deal self.’ Then his Mission President got on the phone and described a little of what had happened. So we never felt like he needed to come home.”

Anonymous said...

haha good to hear the 6'9" basketball player was able to rough em up some. I'm sure in America we'll hear about it. I mean the college basketball season starts soon and that's kind of one of those off-season stories you have to mention.