UK: one in every five killings by foreigner

14th April 2008, Daily Mail

One in every five murders or manslaughters in England and Wales is committed by a foreigner, police figures revealed.

In one area of London, the figure is one in three.

This is despite the fact that foreigners represent only around one in 16 of the general population.

The statistics are so alarming that Home Secretary Jacqui Smith will hold a migrant crime summit on Thursday amid worries that police are struggling to cope ...

Critics blame the Government's failure to deport foreign criminals. Recent cases have involved foreigners who had already been convicted of robbery and assault but were allowed to remain after serving their sentences.

Conservative MP David Davies, a member of the Commons home affairs committee, said: "These extraordinary figures demonstrate the failure of the Government's immigration policy, which has seen all sorts of undesirable characters being able to get into this country and use the Human Rights Act to escape deportation." ...

Scotland Yard said half of the organised crime gangs in London are "ethnic", or bound by a common language or homeland-The most common nationalities for foreign killers were Pakistani, Indian and Jamaican ...

Among the most high-profile cases was that of Roberto Malasi, an 18-year-old Angolan asylum seeker who shot dead a 33-year-old woman as she cradled her baby niece at a christening in south London.

Malasi went on the run and two weeks later stabbed to death an 18-year-old pastor's daughter who he felt had "disrespected" him.

Other cases include Yusuf Jama, a Somali asylum seeker, who was in the gang that shot dead PC Sharon Beshenivsky in Bradford in 2005 ...

Cambridgeshire's Julie Spence warned as long ago as 2005 there was "community tension" involving migrants which had the "potential for large-scale public disorder".

She was forced to write again last year, saying the problem had "clearly magnified".

Kent's Michael Fuller has also warned that the size of his force has not kept pace with an explosion in migrant numbers ...
On your feet ladies and gentlemen and applaud every British citizen who keeps voting for mainstream parties that keep this fountain of diversity pouring into the UK. No, no, you deserve it. You voted for it. Outstanding achievement. But don't stop now, no there's still more white people to kill. "Clearly magnified"? Come on, you can do better than that. I know you can. Time's a wastin.

And UK immigrants, don't feel left out, you are in fact more likely to be victims. So no whingeing about being a neglected minority.

And Australia, pull your finger out, we need more Africans and Pakis and Indians. Can't let Britain get too far ahead of us now can we, that just won't do. Open the gates. Bring em in. Line up your daughters and wives folks. Walk out the door for the lucky-dip trip to that christening, send off your daughter to that party - today could be your lucky day when there's a Roberto Malasi just waiting to enrich your lives with an outpouring of diversity.

Heaven knows Britain was so dull and boring and culturally bankrupt before immigration and diversity. Just think what it would be like now if all this immigration had not happened. I can't bare to think about it. It would just be horrid.

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