Latham flips the bird to Camden

The racist streak, by Mark Latham
08 April 2008, Camden Advertiser:

... There has always been a racist streak in this country, for many decades, legalised and legitimised by the White Australia policy. But it was a passive form of racism, expressed in social attitudes and values, rather than ethnic-inspired violence. The great Australian preference for apathy over action saved us from the extremism of other multi-racial societies ...

Prejudice is also having an impact on the pattern of urban settlement. Sydney is experiencing the phenomenon of white flight: people from English-speaking backgrounds moving from older suburbs that have growing migrant populations to new estates on the urban fringe.

In the local government areas of Camden, Wollondilly, Penrith and Hawkesbury, the 2006 Census data showed a significant increase in the proportion of males aged 25-64 years who were Australian-born. In Wollondilly, for example, the proportion jumped from 75 per cent in 1991 to 82 per cent in 2006. (The figures for other demographic groups are not yet available but they are likely to confirm this trend.)

This is a remarkable statistic given Sydney's high intake of migrants. While an area like Parramatta, close to the demographic centre of the city, increased its proportion of overseas-born men from 43 per cent to 55 per cent, the fringe suburbs have moved in the opposite direction. Some of the estates are white enclaves. Visit their shopping centres and playing fields and you will not find an Asian, Latino, Middle Eastern or African face.

While governments talk about the virtues of multiculturalism, the residents of these areas associate it with ethnic gangs and trouble in their old neighbourhood. One of the challenges of globalisation is to cross social and cultural boundaries.

Yet the evidence shows that Sydney's suburbs, in Australia's so-called global city, are becoming less cosmopolitan and more segregated.

Indeed, the liveliest tabloid controversy in recent times has been the struggle to establish an Islamic school at Camden, in Sydney's south-west. The opposition to the proposal has been frightening. The school site has been defaced with pig heads mounted on poles. Small children have appeared on TV declaring their hatred of Muslims.

Yet by any rational assessment, the school makes sense. The NSW government has approved land releases for 90,000 housing lots in the region surrounding Camden. The Islamic community simply wants to plan ahead, building a school for its children at the same time as the new homes are being constructed. It has selected a site similar to those on which state, Catholic and Anglican schools have been built in the past, without a ripple of public concern.

In truth, the only offence of the Islamic community has been to upset the aspirations of the white flighters. They moved to the urban fringe to get away from Muslims, not to be followed by them.
This is the second article by a Camden area newspaper telling the locals their time is up, pack up and move, the Muslims are coming. It's a propaganda campaign. Memo to Latham: Boo! Did I scare ya? Yeah I'm real 'frightening'. It's not a challenge of globalisation "to cross social and cultural boundaries" it's a failure and segregation is inevitable - wake up you diversity dreamer, you're living in the past man, you're a dinosaur, segregation is the hip and happening thing to do, get with the times man. Turn on, tune in, and segregate out man! You better get with the diversity fascists because that's the only way diversity, like communism, can work - they both fail because they work against human nature.


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Anonymous said...

Barry worked at Middlesborough football club.
When his employers were told he was standing in the elections in May for the BNP he was dismissed on the spot.
A legal political party that is gaining much ground due to the fact our elected elite are deaf to our voices.
Democracy we were told is the reason we went to Iraq.
While here at home our Democracy has all but been destroyed.

I have just visited GoPetition and found the following page very interesting:


Anonymous said...

Despite his weaknesses, Mark Latham was at times able to cut through the politically correct speech that pervades our society.

This is another example of the true Mark Latham, communicating with a clear head.

Anonymous said...

Truth about the EU constitution from Ireland.

Anonymous said...

There is one major problem with your stance on immigration.

White boy stole the land in the first place.

Whilst I agree that demographic changes are a problem, the 'guilt' factor means many white people are not willing to to say STOP.

I say this as a child of Greek immigrants.

I always thought that our migration patterns were ok.

But that was based on the fact that a small portion of other ethnicities were let in.

But now I realise that there is a difference between the 15-20 million Greeks and the 1 billion Chinese and 1 billion Indians that could be coming here.

Might be time for me to return to Greece.

Unfortunately, a functioning capitalist society needs 'working class' fodder.

And Australia (and some European countries, including perhaps Greece) cannot recruity this fodder from within.

However, The USA has the situation under control. Their poor white people have been indoctrinated into believing that they are the best country in the world. So the fact that they are treated as trash (look at Ohio) means nothing. They will continue to do the hack jobs. Or will they? Look at the immigration issue that has been such a political issue for the Republicans.

Anonymous said...

"But now I realise that there is a difference between the 15-20 million Greeks and the 1 billion Chinese and 1 billion Indians that could be coming here."

Paradoxically, while state-sanctioned multiculturalism was originally intended to benefit non-British European immigrants such as the Greeks, the actual result was that it paved the way for massive non-European immigration, thereby choking off immigration from European sources.

The advent of multiculturalism, in effect, marked the beginning of the gradual de-Europeanization of Australia.

Like yourself, I've also considered a move back to Europe (my father was born in Germany). But I've also read some of the demographic predictions for Western Europe and they are nearly as ominous. It basically boils down to a choice between spending my golden years in an Asianized Australia or an Arabized-Africanized Europe.

Either way, the white West is demographically doomed.

Anonymous said... ex cop good guy.

Ted Heath treason.
Taking on the police now!

Mike Courtman said...

Without white flight there would be a lot more ethnic trouble.

As the percentage of European in the population decreases, Europeans are gradually withdrawing into areas where they can sustain their numbers.

Ultimately I think you will also see welfare policy transfered to local governments.

It's just not sutainable to expect one ehtnicity to subsidise the population growth of another ethnicity for an extended period of time.

Anonymous said...

Latham when you can set the example and move into Lakemba or Camden and truly mix into that lifestyle then your opinions might be worth something. Until, stay quiet and stay elitist and that goes for your mate Keating.