Vic: solo white guy bashed; a sign of the times

Feb 25, 2008, Herald Sun:

VIOLENCE on Victorian streets has shown no sign of abating, with a host of recent attacks adding to the state's unruly reputation under the cover of darkness.

In the latest bloodshed, a 17-year-old was knocked unconscious and a 19-year-old suffered a fit after being attacked by a gang of seven at Flinders St railway station about 11.45pm on Saturday.

A 17 and 18-year-old were arrested over the brawl and were expected to be charged.

In another incident, five men were arrested after a fight in front of the Men's Gallery strip club about 7.45pm on Saturday, bringing the number arrested that day to 28.

The men face charges ranging from assault to being drunk in a public place.

That followed a vicious attack by 11 men on a 17-year-old man in Kealba on Friday night that left the teen fighting for his life in Royal Melbourne Hospital with critical head injuries.

Four teenagers were charged with attempted murder over the attack, which occurred about 11.45pm in Stenson Rd. The teenage victim remains on life support in an induced coma.

Deputy Commissioner Kieran Walsh denied Melbourne was at the mercy of gangs, but conceded alcohol-fuelled violence was an emerging problem ...

The Herald Sun last week revealed that Victoria had witnessed a dramatic rise in assaults over the past five years, with Melbourne and the outer suburbs hardest hit ...

Across the state, assaults climbed from 21,939 in 2000-01 to 31,020, an increase of 41.4 per cent.

Opposition Leader Ted Baillieu said binge drinking and drug use had become run-of-the-mill instead of being identified as anti-social.

(Via Oz Conservative)
Yep, that dreaded alcohol is all to blame. No other factors at play.

Dear comedian Ted Baillieu: for something to be anti-social you need to have a society. Maybe you should start looking for that, cause I think we lost it somewhere in the melting pot. Maybe start looking somewhere between immigration and multiculturalism - I heard it was last seen getting its backside kicked by the both of them.

The above picture does tell a story: solo white guy cops a beating. Time for the white folk to wake up to the need to act collectively in our own interests.

Lawrence Auster on the millstone, or milestone,
of a potential Obama presidency - in regards to the decline of white Anglo-European influence:
But when it comes to matters of substance, either there's nothing there, a lot of folderol, or else what he says is foolish or even calamitous. On foreign policy he sounds like Carter reincarnated. I've never heard a person put forth more emptiness and more folly with more plausibility and in such a pleasant, digestible, and confident manner. The man has extraordinary talents.

... he could very well represent the undoing of America, but not because he's a Mugabe-type monster. He could represent the undoing of America, because the "post-racial" America he is expected to bring about really means a post-white America, an America that has lost its historic white identity; and a country that has lost its historic identity (however its identity is defined) has committed suicide, because it has been sundered from its own past which is the basis of its very being as a nation. An Obama election could thus represent the culmination of the developments I've been writing about since The Path to National Suicide, the symbolic and actual undoing of white America, which means two things: the undoing of white America, and the undoing of America.

And the reason he could bring this about is not that he's a monster, but that he's nice.

On the other hand, the sundering from our own past has already been going on for almost a half-century. In that sense, Obama would represent nothing new. Even without any Obama, a catastrophe has already occurred in America and throughout the West, the delegitimization of the West's white identity and of the white race itself, the delegitimization that has made it impossible for Western countries to put any limits on their continuing transformation into non-white, non-Western, Islamicized, Hispanicized, Mestizo-ized, Africanized, Asianized countries. So, with or without Obama, the job of Americans who are loyal to our historic nation and civilization is the same: to re-assert and re-legitimize America's historic Anglo-European character and culture, as the only way to form a counterforce against the continuing browning and Third-Worldizing of America. In that sense, an Obama presidency would not change anything essential. It would, however, make our already very tough job that much tougher.


Mark Richardson said...

There's more of these stories coming out. Neil Mitchell spent an evening with the ambos four days ago and witnessed a vicious gang attack on a country family visiting the city:,21985,23274713-5000117,00.html

Another Herald Sun journalist wrote this column following a gang attack on his own son (ethnicity of the gang wasn't revealed):,21985,23269036-2862,00.html

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