Perth: carjack victim tells of aboriginal attack

February 01, 2008,

KNIFE ATTACK: Young driver Kiran Page shows how long her attacker's knife was. She was robbed after being forced to take the teenager to Lockridge.
A TERRIFIED young woman has told how she accidentally ran over a teenager who forced his way into her car and tried to rob her at knifepoint today.

Kiran Page, 18 , had turned in to Ivanhoe St in Bassendean at about 2.30am when a youth jumped in front of her car, waving his arms and calling for her to stop.

The teenager, who smelt of alcohol, climbed into the passeger seat before she had a chance to lock the door and politely asked to be driven to Lockridge ...

"He was very polite but it was just that he turned pretty quickly once I stopped the car.

"He asked me the time and I turned around and he had a knife in my face.''

Ms Page said she responded by reversing away at speed, knocking her attacker to the ground ...
Police say the woman panicked and accidentally knocked the Aboriginal man over with her car as she sped away, but noticed he got up and ran off.

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