Nauruan 'raped' by asylum-seekers

August 2007, The Australian

SIX Sri Lankan asylum-seekers in immigration detention on Nauru have been charged with the rape and indecent assault of a 20-year-old Nauruan woman ...

On Tuesday, Nauruan police charged one Sri Lankan asylum-seeker with rape and five others with indecent assault, a spokeswoman for Immigration Minister Kevin Andrews confirmed to The Australian yesterday.

The six allegedly assaulted the local woman on Monday afternoon while in the community under the "open centre arrangements" of Nauru's immigration detention facility, run for the Australian Government by the International Organisation for Migration ...

Under the arrangement between Australia and Nauru, asylum-seekers held there are allowed free movement in the community from 8am to 7pm.

It is believed the victim required hospital treatment ...

Labor has pledged to end offshore processing of asylum-seekers in places such as Nauru.

The Coalition, meanwhile, sees a strong stance on border protection as the key to its recent election successes and credits the Pacific Solution with a significant reduction in asylum-seekers attempting to enter Australia by boat.

the West Australian

Hunger striking Sri Lankan asylum seekers being held on Nauru say they are ready to die rather than wait indefinitely for the Australian government to process their cases.

At least three of the detainees have been taken to hospital, after refusing almost all fluids and food since September 1 ...

Until recently asylum seekers in Nauru were able to leave the centre, but they have been locked-down after a local Nauruan woman was allegedly raped and assaulted by six of the inmates.

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