James Baker: Independent Qld Senate Candidate

SMH, August 2007

... James Baker, promised to campaign on the issue of Muslim immigration. Mr Baker proposed banning Muslim immigration for 10 years and putting other measures in place "to ensure Australia's Muslim population is in no doubt we mean business in stopping extremist attacks"

the Australian, April 2007
Senente candidate says sheiks must go

A ONE-TIME National Party rising star who is running for the Senate as an independent says Islamic clerics who exhort militants should be thrown out of the country ...

Mr Baker's comments follow yet more reports that a Canberra cleric has called for Muslims to fight Aussie diggers in Iraq and Afghanistan ...

"When people are encouraging others in acts of violence we should throw them out,'' Mr Baker said.

He said freedom of speech came a distant second when dealing with Sheik Swaiti and fellow outspoken cleric and Australia's mufti Sheik Taj Aldin Alhilali ...

"It's not an argument about freedom of speech. These people are inciting violence,'' Mr Baker said.

Mr Baker defended the right of Anglo-Australians to be suspicious of Muslims.

"If the Islamic community wonders why Muslims are viewed with suspicion by many members of the wider Australian community, they can blame the likes of Sheik Mohammed Swaiti and Sheik Taj Aldin Alhilali,'' Mr Baker said.

"There is no rocket science to this.

"People fear Muslims because it is Muslims they see strapping bombs to themselves and killing innocent people all over the world.

"And with so-called spiritual leaders praising these suicidal murderers in mosques and behind closed doors, there is little wonder there is fear in the community.'' ...

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