UK: Maryam Namazie - ban the headscarf

Maryam Namazie speech, March 2007
- seminar on Women’s Rights, the Veil and Islamic and religious laws in London


"A ban on the burqa, chador, neqab and its likes is important but it is no where enough. The hijab or any conspicuous religious symbol must be banned from the state and education and relegated to the private sphere. This helps to ensure that government offices and officials from judges, to clerks, to doctors and nurses are not promoting their religious beliefs and are instead doing their jobs."

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My Thoughts ...

It's good, but not enough. Turkey already has these bans, but the headscarf and veils are spreading unchecked throughout the general population - reinforcing the reislamisation of Turkey. The headscarf is: visible Islam, reinforced Islam, empowered Islam, advertised Islam, hypnotic Islam, fashionable Islam, public Islam, marching Islam, conquering Islam, territorial Islam ... all of which, coupled with explosive Muslim birthrates, amounts to an unstoppable culture of Islam.

If Islam can be integrated into Australia, which is questionable, the headscarf and all religious dress will have to go. Invisible Islam, or no Islam.

PS - I heard on Jim Ball radio last night a couple, aged 60ish, was assaulted by 10 or 20 youths in a carpark of a Bankstown shopping centre. The couple verballed the occupants of a four wheel drive, driven by a woman in a white headscarf, who had rudely driven into a parking spot they were waiting to enter. A mob then bashed the couple, whilst the woman in the four-wheel drive smirked.

More: Maryam Namazie - transcript, Google Video


Colonel Robert Neville said...

Dear Abandon, when my son was three, he saw a full Burkha 'One Woman Freak Tent' and screamed in terror. Terror, eh? I wasn't so comfortable myself.

The Burkha always gives me the instant feeling of gloom and that something is very wrong. Like a hand is reaching out from an alien society and the 7th Century. Which it is.

It looks like 'The Day the Earth Stood Still' robot Gort, in drag.

Abandon Skip said...

Yar, it's a freak show out there. More burquas every day it seems. When you're out just doin the shopping and, boom, freakdom appears in your vision and you want to rip the thing off there and then. It really is incomprehensible to have these walking-rejectors.

Tough on the kids these days, the burqua is spitting image of a ghost - so what's a kid gonna think but trick-or-treat? And in the UK they were telling the schoolkids "don't stare at the Muslim, dears".