Police say Sudanese a gang threat

(January 2007, The Australian)

VICTORIAN police are being urged to set up a special taskforce to tackle gang violence and lawlessness among young African migrants living in Melbourne's inner-city housing commission estates.

The push - led by rank-and-file police and terrified neighbours - is backed by the state's powerful police union, which claims sections of the African community need to be "properly educated" in Australian values.

"The Sudanese are very difficult to deal with - they come from a lawless
background and they really have to be properly educated about Australian
society's standards," the Police Association secretary, Senior Sergeant Paul
Mullett, told The Australian.
Police in Melbourne's inner north and social workers are demanding resources to help deal with the problem.
"What's actually emerging in Victoria is the establishment of in particular
youth gangs and ethnic gangs, and our members just don't have the resourcing
support to proactively police these gangs," Sergeant Mullett said
Police union members who worked around the high-rise public housing blocks in areas such as Flemington and Fitzroy were worried about their safety and becoming more reluctant to work there, he said.

He called for a special taskforce or for departments to "establish taskforces of their own" to tackle gang activity.

Sergeant Mullett warned that more proactive police programs were needed to build better communication with African communities and prevent group violence from escalating to the levels seen in Sydney's Cronulla riots ...

Youth worker Les Twentyman said while there were African gangs involved in crime and violence, there were also gangs from other ethnic origins such as Pacific Islanders and Lebanese. He said gangs were an escalating problem that would eventually lead to "no-go zones" in Melbourne if they were not properly addressed by police. More ...

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