Is the Islamic takeover of Europe inevitable?

Lawrence Auster, April 2007

Writing in the Washington Times, Paul Belien of the Brussels Journal says it’s over:

Pundits who predict that Western Europe is about to witness a shift to the anti-immigrant right are mistaken. This trend will be over by the end of the decade, when the impact of the immigrant vote will move European politics dramatically to the left. The right’s chances of winning elections are dwindling. The anti-immigrant right realizes this.
... let’s say for the sake of discussion that Belien is right and that it is over. It would be over in the sense that the current suicidal European order—in which European elites “manage” the gradual Islamization of Europe, thinking they can remain in control of the process, while tiny and powerless European right-wing parties impotently protest the process—is doomed. But if, as Belien predicts will be the case within a few years, European Europe finds itself not merely threatened by Islamization but actually under the thumb of a Leftist-Islamist Coalition regime, then out of that catastrophe there could arise a new European right, different from any seen before, which knows that it has lost control of its civilization, and knows that it has no alternative but to fight to win it back. As I’ve said before, it is possible that only real defeat can make Europeans wake up to reality.

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