Black schools the answer to black crime in London?

07 Sept, 2008, London Daily:

The increasingly unruly nature of elements of black Londoners has now focused on the educational failings in the state sector, with leading black politician Lee Jasper and former aide to former Mayor Livingstone calling for support to have black only schools.

"The fact is, it's time the black community ran its own schools, devised a curriculum that suited the needs of our children, employed teachers that look like the young people they are teaching."

In Toronto,Canada the Toronto District School Board approved for the establishment of "Afrocentric or black-focused schools" in 2009 which aims to address the high level dropout of black children estimated to be at 40% per cent in the city.

In London the "dropout" rate is around 20-30% in certain areas of London, with crime figures indicating that murders amongst young people show blacks to be the victims and perpetrators in 80% of cases.

The black school in Toronto has been a very emotive issue with emotions raised during the debates evaluating the merits of the school.

The supporters for the black schools in Toronto went onto to say:

"Opening one school does not address the problem across the system ... (where) a significant number of students of African descent are not doing well in our schools, we have a responsibility to address the needs across the system. We see the Africentric school request as part of a bigger (plan) ... to effectively close the gap."...
Diversity fails again. Jasper calling for "teachers that look like the young people they are teaching" is a blunt admission that race matters. And it does. But if whites want white teachers, and a white school? Well that would be 'racist'.

And that still won't solve the problem of diversity on the streets, in the workplace, etc. If racial cohesion is necessary for school morale and productivity, then why isn't the same true for workplaces, neighbourhoods, sports teams, the military, etc? Once you acknowledge that race matters, you have to be consistent. And consistency says that every aspect of our society will be better off if it is broken up into homogeneous parts.

And if ethnic separation is where Britain is headed, then Australia should admit that diversity has failed overseas and not repeat the same mistake here with some old-fashioned notion of a borderless Asia Pacific Community utopia.

And if separation is where we are headed, the sooner whites acknowledge and act on this, the less ground we will lose. And diversity should be seen not as a strength, but as a state of impermanence that merely leads to dispossession of your land.

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