'Show us your visas, show us your visas'

December 28, 2007, Herald Sun:

AUSTRALIAN cricket fans racially taunted Indian supporters at the MCG yesterday despite Cricket Australia's zero-tolerance policy.

And police and security staff did not eject any fans despite the Australian supporters shouting "Show us your visas, show us your visas" at their Indian counterparts and being within metres of the potentially explosive incident.

Indian fans spoken to by the Herald Sun described the chant as "offensive, ugly and racist" ...

Up until the chant began, there had been good-natured banter between the two groups but the Indians' mood changed when the "visa" taunt started.

More than 100 Indian supporters sat stony-faced and silent during the chant ...

"Everyone feels offended when they are attacked on the basis of their residency or where we came from," said an Indian supporter, who asked not to be named.

Another said: "It is racist and yes we are offended.

"It is really lucky that it stopped and nothing happened because it was an explosive situation.

"Besides, we have Australian residency and we are Australian citizens." ...

"Police have confirmed the chant took place and conducted extensive interviews with both Indian and Australian supporters and they did not find anyone who was offended," Mr Young said.

"But we urge anyone who considers comments to be racist to report them to police and security staff. Racism is in the eye of the beholder." ...

It also comes after two men dressed as Indians became the first victims of the anti-racism campaign on Boxing Day when their sign -- which said "Supporting India from every corner of the globe", accompanied by a 7-Eleven logo -- was confiscated by police ...
So here we have confessed Australian citizens wearing the colours of a foreign country, waving a foreign flag, and cheering for a foreign team. Michael of Ryde comments:
And what is wrong with this picture? Australian citizens wearing foreign colours, chanting for a foreign team. Under the pretense of banter, that is a rejection of Australia and Australians. Aussies are offended. There lies the first spark of tension. If Indians living in Australia want to be treated with respect, then pull on the green and gold, leave your drums at home, and cheer for your country. We can then go back to watching the cricket instead of abusing each other.
Racism is indeed in the eye of the beholder, and I am offended when Australian citizens prefer to identify with another country. I agree the Indians have gone further than banter: they are displaying their rejection of Australia.

In a climate of mass immigration, multiculturalism, liberal subcultures, and unbalanced birthrates, traditional Australians are pretty well fed-up with all the "walking rejectors" in whatever form.

And the two men dressed as Indians who's sign was confiscated were simply stating the obvious: that many Indians in every corner of the globe prefer to support India rather than their new country. Such is the stupidity of racist censorship: the truth dare not be spoken.

When you identify yourself by race, don't be surprised if you are treated that way. Go buy a green and gold shirt, or carry on dividing this country - your choice. If you continue identifying yourself by race, then don't be surprised when the white folk start to do likewise.
"Everyone feels offended when they are attacked on the basis of their residency or where we came from," said an Indian supporter ...
And when you pull on the blue shirt, you are attacking Australians who feel offended even before you open your mouths and further alienate yourselves by speaking a foreign language.

It's not banter, it's betrayal. Assimilate - it's not a difficult concept.

But I do acknowledge that in many parts of the country, where traditional Australians no longer reside in significant numbers, assimilation is now a ridiculous concept to speak of. "Assimilate to what?' is the mantra of today's immigrants. And that is why incompatible immigration has reached critical mass and has to stop, and why white folk should campaign for a separatist agenda before we are bred out of existence.

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