The Defeat of Islamic Totalitarianism

The Objective Standard, October 2006
Dr John Lewis

Our military capacities are not in doubt today. It is our moral self-confidence
that is in question. What was it that stopped us from confronting Iran in 1979,
except a lack of confidence in our own rightness, and an unwillingness to defend
ourselves for our own sakes? Had we removed the Iranian regime in 1979,
thousands of Americans would have been saved, and children across the world
would not have grown up with sword verses rising in their minds as they give
their lives to jihad. Consider the Japanese—and ask whether it would have been
in our interest to have left the regime of 1945 in power, to continue preaching
religious militarism and training kamikaze. The best thing Americans did for
themselves (and, incidentally, the kindest thing for the Japanese) was to burn
that regime to the ground. So it is today. The Islamic State—Totalitarian
Islam—must go. And it is the moral responsibility of every American to demand
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